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        We are dedicated to the innovation of fishing tackles, continuously
        creating better products including fishing reel parts and fishing reels that
        our customers love. Only with aftermarket parts, we have ranked third in

        the total online fishing tackle category in Japan in 2020, second only to
        Daiwa and Shimano.

        The establishment of the R&D company GOMEXUS JAPAN in July 2019
        marks a solid step for Gomexus to take a global talent deployment. So far,

        100+ well-known fishers around the world have cooperated with Gomexus
        to deeply explore the global fishing market. We have a high reputation in

        Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Europe, and Southeast

        Globally, Gomexus has established agents in 49 countries. Among them
        are the exclusive agents of Shimano and Daiwa in some countries, as well

        as the top offline distributors in Japan and South Korea. In 2021, we will
        complete the establishment of agency channels in 60 countries.

        Join us! Our dreams will become more exciting because of your
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